What is the Next Big Crypto? Best Altcoins That Can Make You Rich In 2024. Time to Invest!

What is the Next Big Crypto? Best Altcoins That Can Make You Rich In 2024. Time to Invest!

As 2023 draws to a close, the crypto market is abuzz with the possibility of a Santa Claus rally. This anticipation is fueled by several factors, including dovish comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve and speculations around the approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF. These developments have stirred confidence among investors, leading to a positive outlook for the market. However, the market also faces potential risks that could impact this festive rally. Amidst this scenario, cryptocurrencies like Aptos (APT), Cardano (ADA), Sei (SEI), Maverick Protocol (MAV), Osmosis (OSMO), and ScapesMania are being eyed as altcoins that can make significant gains in 2024.

Today’s article will provide an overview of these cryptocurrencies and their characteristics, as well as their potential for lucrative growth shortly.

ScapesMania: A Rising Star in the Crypto World

ScapesMania emerged as a one-of-a-kind gaming ecosystem that caters to two distinct audiences. It offers casual gamers an immersive experience while empowering crypto enthusiasts to enjoy the rewards of the project’s performance and actively shape its future.


ScapesMania is already recognized by many crypto experts as one of the top new projects for 2023 and beyond. Its presale offers crypto enthusiasts a chance to reap the early bird advantage by acquiring tokens at a whopping 60% discount.

If you’re looking for more predictable growth, take a closer look at ScapesMania’s proposition. Once the presale finishes, the listing price is set at $0.1 per coin, hinting at the possibility of lucrative returns for early adopters. 

Growth Potential

A closer examination of ScapesMania’s tokenomics and other features provides insight into why it could be the best altcoin to hold now. The ecosystem operates within the flourishing $376 billion gaming industry which is only projected to grow, reaching $521.60 billion by 2027.

Furthermore, ScapesMania holders can benefit from a variety of incentives, including buyback, burn, and staking opportunities. Early buyers also have the chance to receive up to +127% in bonuses.

The community’s excitement is evident as the project has successfully raised over $2,110,000 to date solely from crowd/retail contributions, and this figure is growing by  $51,000-$92,000 daily.

The innovative core idea, impressive presale figures, $100,000 giveaway, undying social media hype, and other positive aspects suggest that ScapesMania could continue its winning journey. 

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Aptos (APT): A Price Surge in a Bearish Landscape

atp-usd chart

Aptos (APT) recently experienced a significant price surge, almost 20%, following the unlocking of 25 million coins on December 12th. This event, valued at over $200 million, involved distributing coins to various stakeholders.

The price hike of Aptos (APT) was notable, especially in the context of the broader market’s bearish trend. The coin’s Money Flow Index (MFI) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicated strong buying pressure and accumulation among traders. 

Looking ahead, the momentum indicators for Aptos (APT) suggest continued investor interest, which could support further price appreciation. 

Cardano (ADA): The Bullish Prediction

ada-usd chart

Cardano (ADA) has recently captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community, with a remarkable 70% surge since the beginning of December. This performance marks its most successful month in seven years. Analyst Tyler Strejilevich has made a bold prediction, suggesting a potential 6,000% increase in Cardano (ADA) value, which could see it reach approximately $33.55.

Currently trading at around $0.63, Cardano (ADA) has shown significant resilience, outperforming many of its top 10 cryptocurrency counterparts. Despite a recent correction where Cardano (ADA) lost over 17% of its value, it has made a strong comeback, indicating its robust market appeal. 

sei-usd chart

Sei (SEI) has recently made headlines in the altcoin market with a significant surge, indicating a strong market interest. Such a surge often attracts attention from both retail and institutional investors, contributing to increased trading volumes and market liquidity.

The future of Sei (SEI) hinges on several factors, including continued development, market adoption, and overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. While the recent price surge is promising, it’s important to consider the inherent volatility of the crypto market. 

Maverick Protocol (MAV): Gaining Ground in DeFi

mav-usd chart

Maverick Protocol (MAV) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by its automated market maker (AMM) system. It focuses on enhancing capital efficiency for liquidity providers. Maverick Protocol has recently seen significant growth, with its trading volume surpassing $2.5 billion. The price of Maverick Protocol (MAV) reached an all-time high above $0.58, with its market cap rising to over $141 million. 

The future of Maverick Protocol (MAV) appears promising, given its recent performance and the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. 

Osmosis (OSMO): A Standout in DeFi Performance

osmo-usd chart

Osmosis (OSMO) has recently shown a notable performance in the DeFi sector, with its token gaining over 100% in the past month. The Osmosis (OSMO) token’s price increase is significant, especially considering the broader market’s stagnation. The token was trading at around $1.3, reflecting the growing interest and confidence in Osmosis’ DeFi capabilities. The protocol has implemented substantial updates throughout 2022 and early 2023, leading to increased trading volumes and user engagement.

The future of Osmosis (OSMO) looks promising, given its recent gains and the increasing trading volumes on its platform. 


As 2023 ends, the crypto market is ripe with opportunities, influenced by positive economic signals and speculative developments. Aptos (APT), Cardano (ADA), Sei (SEI), Maverick Protocol (MAV), Osmosis (OSMO), and ScapesMania emerge as potential candidates for good returns in 2024.  The innovative gaming ecosystem, ScapesMania, emerges as a leader due to its early mover advantage and technological edge.

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