Will This New Memecoin Out-Bonk $BONK with a 100x?

Will This New Memecoin Out-Bonk $BONK with a 100x?

The crypto industry is super young, and its fun side, meme coins, count even fewer years. $DOGE first appeared in 2013, and $SHIB, its main rival, entered the market in 2020. In such a short life span, the industry welcomed hundreds of new creative projects. Some, like Bonk, continued their dog-themed legacy, while others, like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), chose a new, unique appearance and revolutionized the industry with many different aspects. 

Today, $BONK is at the center of attention, taking the spot of the third largest meme coin. However, $GFOX brings equally successful gains, and many have started to believe that with that pace, Galaxy Fox will soon be among the best meme coins to buy. What drives these projections? Let’s explore.

Galaxy Fox on Its Way to Outperform the Best Meme Coins

Galaxy Fox represents the next evolution of meme coins, integrating elements of gaming, DeFi, and NFTs into its structure. Although it’s just beginning, Galaxy Fox has quickly caught the crypto community’s attention, raising over $1.5 million and delivering more than 120% profits to its initial investors.

The fundamental of Galaxy Fox is its play-to-earn, NFT-based runner game. Players interact using their digital fox avatars, with weekly competitions and opportunities for NFT minting and staking complementing the gaming experience.

The project also adopts a deflationary approach, facilitating token burns together with a transaction tax that supports a staking pool, liquidity pool, and treasury.

Still in its presale phase, $GFOX has already generated remarkable anticipation. The token’s early investors have enjoyed a substantial 120% ROI, and the project’s upcoming full launch promises further growth. 

All these together make $GFOX one of the best meme coins to buy for many, and if you wish to be one of the early gainers, too, join the presale of this exciting new ICO crypto – the earlier you enter, the bigger the gains you secure for yourself.

Bonk Starts to Step Back

$BONK, Solana’s first dog-themed crypto, was launched to revitalize liquidity in Solana-based decentralized exchanges. Since its debut on December 25, 2022, $BONK grew massively, especially in late 2023. 

Bonk even overtook $PEPE and became the third-largest meme coin by market cap. 

However, $BONK has also become a prime example of the market’s tendency towards FOMO and overvaluation. In just three days, its price dropped by 40%, and many even doubt its recovery.

Analysts have started to think that the recent spike in $BONK’s value is more a result of Solana’s growing popularity and adoption rather than its achievements. This means that $BONK’s future may be heavily influenced by $SOL and market perception rather than by its individual characteristics.

While Solana is one of the best altcoins, it still has a long history of sharp declines, and having such a huge effect on $BONK does not look very promising for meme coin investors.

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Meme coins are usually very volatile. Many, like Bonk, experience brief hype and then face sharp declines. But these consequences could be avoided by focusing on coins with genuine value, a clear roadmap, robust tokenomics, and a credible team. 

Based on these criteria, the options for the best meme coins to buy are currently narrowed down to $GFOX. This multi-functional project has much to offer, including massive financial returns, so check it out and benefit from its gradual price increases during the presale.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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