$XRP Set to 10x in 2024, While This Memecoin Could 100x

$XRP Set to 10x in 2024, While This Memecoin Could 100x

A Spot Bitcoin ($BTC) ETF could bring an additional $30 trillion into crypto markets, and these are the final weeks before a once-in-a-lifetime wealth creation event. Investors are not bullish enough and need to shake off their bear market bias.

Across the board, altcoins look primed to fly, and presales are absorbing enormous volumes of funding. Risk-on investors will be the big winners in the next two years, and the top cryptos to buy right now are dominant majors and fast-moving small caps. Ripple ($XRP) and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) are best positioned. $XRP is set to 10x in 2024 while this memecoin could 100x

Ripple ($XRP): Can It 10X In 2024?

Ripple has been flashing technical signals that it wants to 10x next year, and the core metrics support this thesis. This year has witnessed a huge influx of users for the Ripple ledger, and its cross-border payment solutions continue to reach new highs. A massive beneficiary of increased regulatory clarity following a landmark case, could $XRP be the leading performer amongst the top ten cryptocurrencies?

Its main rival will be Solana ($SOL), which continues posting new highs, but among the large caps, these are the best horses in the race. Ripple does have one outstanding advantage which is its ability to integrate CBDCs into its payment network. Although unpopular with crypto-purists, compatible networks will soar if governments roll out CBDC programs.

Whether this thesis plays out over the next two years remains to be seen. Still, $XRP is an excellent project for investors asking themselves which crypto to buy today for long-term exposure.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Targets 100x

Galaxy Fox is a new meme/ P2E hybrid, and experts list it as one of the top cryptos to buy right now. Bullish market conditions naturally favour small caps, and 2024 will be 100x season. These undervalued gems will launch against the backdrop of a Bitcoin ETF and rate cuts. Nothing is stopping them from printing outrageous returns.

The novel approach employed by Galaxy Fox has singled it out as the leader in the ICO space. Its impressive funding (already closing in on $2 million) speaks for itself, and early momentum has always been the most reliable indicator of ICO success.

When a project raises funds quickly, it guarantees an explosive price discovery round. Investors purchasing $GFOX in Stage 5 will enjoy six staggered price increases, locking in close to 200% gains before launch. They will be the first able to stake their $GFOX tokens in the Stargate module and begin earning staking rewards.

Galaxy Fox additionally implements a token burn to ensure a decreasing supply, and all stakers are earning a residual income in a deflationary asset. The classic runner game at the center of this cosmic ecosystem will provide a powerful interest funnel for new users, and Galaxy Fox even funds a Treasury responsible for marketing efforts.

The project is incredibly well-designed, has an appealing aesthetic, and, most importantly, a tiny market cap. Set to rocket in 2024, investors should remember that last cycle P2E projects attained multi-billion dollar market caps. Galaxy Fox’s market cap is still below $2 million. Investors are way earlier than they think. 

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Closing Thoughts: Generational Bull Market Loading

After a horrific bear market, the stars have perfectly aligned, setting the stage for a generational bull market. A Spot ETF will channel potentially trillions of fresh capital into crypto, rate cuts will force money out of treasuries and into risk assets, and the halving will draw in fresh waves of speculation. The 2024 bull market will be like nothing investors have ever seen before.

Protocols like Galaxy Fox have unlimited upside potential in this type of macro condition, and broadly speaking, presales are the top cryptos to buy right now. When everything goes up, small caps generate the most outstanding returns. But even amongst ICOs, $GFOX stands out, and this project will print a fresh class of crypto-native millionaires. Participate in the presale today and lock in 100x returns in 2024. 

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