Tomi Promotes Digital Human Rights

Tomi Promotes Digital Human Rights

Tomi Promotes Digital Human Rights

One of the pillars by which the crypto industry has been built is freedom. Freedom to make transfers 24/7 worldwide, freedom to take care of your identity and the information that relates to you, among several other things.

However, the world is going in another direction: Governments want to take total control over your information, assets, and money. With CBDCs being the pinnacle of this new world order. It is for these reasons that Tomi is building a web3 ecosystem that allows developers and users to have the necessary tools to take care of what has always belonged to us, our identity. In this article, we’ll discover what this Web3 platform can provide us.

What is Tomi?

Tomi develops a full alternative internet that combines the very best of Web2 and Web3 words to build a privacy-preserving, self-governing, and self-funding online world. Everybody with a basic browser can visit this parallel network, freeing oneself from the surveillance and control of giant organizations that have grown to dominate the World Wide Web.

TomiNet uses basic TCP/IP and DNS protocols for basic internet, TOR, and Starkware for anonymity and zero knowledge. Also, it takes Ethereum and Starkware’s technology to create a native coin, and DAO technologies for ecosystem self-governance.

Also, it’s important to say that the creation of a DAO is required for TomiNet’s self-government. People must have a say in decisions that impact them in order to be free.
With a DAO, TomiNet protects the long-term viability of the infrastructure and the freedom of the people who use it by establishing a totally independent governing body made up of netizens. With Tomi’s technology, users will be able to:

  • Access any website, regardless of location.
  • Create and run online organizations designed for any country on the planet without fear of being censored.
  • Speak freely under their legal name, chosen name, or pseudonym.
  • Protect their online presence from government and corporate reach. As well as censorship, as long as they follow explicitly stated criteria.

Now that we know what is Tomi and what it has to offer, let’s see what tools this platform gives us.

Tomi’s Ecosystem

Nowadays, blockchain technology has evolved on the basis of important essentials such as smart contracts and trustless technology. However, the whole industry is still working on privacy preservation. That’s why Tomi’s founding team believes that transactions and balances must be kept secret in order to protect people’s basic rights. Now, let’s discover Tomi’s ecosystem:

a) TOMI Token

Tomi developed its native token, the TOMI token, which is the heart of its ecosystem. Anyone can buy TOMI tokens in KuCoin, ByBit, HUOBI, among other exchanges. Here are some of its use cases:

  • Pioneer NFTs are governance rights tokens.
  • TOMI coins and the Pioneers NFT, in conjunction with the identity wallet, create a foundation for flexible DAO-based governance.
  • Token-weighted voting, quadratic voting, one-person-one-vote, ranked voting, and other forms of participatory democracy.

One example of how users can use the TOMI token is artDAO. With artDAO, TOMI holders can include artwork every time a TOMI token is minted.

b) tDNS

The tDNS system is Tomi’s alternative to the traditional DNS system. The tomiDAO is in charge of tDNS. DAO technology is a big advance over the US-based ICANN, which is limited to a small number of nodes, primarily under US control, that determine how the DNS system operates. So, Domain names in the tDNS are issued as an NFT and are fully owned by their owners. However, a royalty of 5% of the sale price is charged to the project.

The tDNS system allows anyone to bid on any domain name at the regular price. Once a bid is placed, the domain is put up for auction for 48 hours, and anyone who wants to can bid on it. The auction winner will obtain the domain name for the sum asked.

c) tomiDAO

The tomiDAO will be in charge of all decisions inside the tomiNet. Therefore, the tomiDAO will contain numerous categories, each will have a different level of choice. Here, it is impossible to tell who voted or how they voted. The tomiDAO members are protected against coercion or other sorts of incentivization by this totally decentralized and secret voting method.

Also, people inside the tomiDAO can make proposals too, but they have to hold a Pioneer NFT. This lowers the barrier to entry for proposal-making while still providing some natural filters for proposals. The criteria may alter over time. As the network grows, the DAO will update its own governing mechanisms.

d) tomiBROWSER

tomiBROWSER is built on open-source code from TOR, Brave, and Chromium. The browser allows users to switch between the tDNS and ICANN’s DNS, allowing them to use the same browser for regular browsing.

This browser provides total anonymity. So, any site that wants to collect information about the user must openly ask for it.

e) tomiPAY

tomi is developing tomiPay, a multichain wallet that will allow TOMI tokens, tomi Pioneer NFTs, and other digital assets, to support payments in its ecosystem. Using liquidity pool dApps and exchanges, the system will let digital merchants and service providers accept TOMI. And automatically convert it into alternative currencies or tokens desired by the seller.

f) tomiMP1

tomiMP1 is a super mini-mining computer totally made by tomi that has a computer power of 1200 TCP, 500 MH/S in hashrate, 22,5kg of weight, and 2 W/MH in power efficiency. It mines USDT and TOMI tokens. There are no miners available at this time.

g) Gems

Gems will be a platform, made by tomi, where people can publish original content. You can join the waitlist to be part of it. In this TOMI-powered platform, people will have freedom of speech. This means that no one will be able to shut down your account or limit your subscriber’s access to your content.

tomi’s Experienced Team 

tomi is a decentralized initiative headed by a core staff that is replaceable by the tomiDAO. The core team is a group of developers who are in charge of the project’s development, operation, and continuity.

In other words, the core team will be in charge of all aspects of project management that are not directly under the control of the tomiDAO, such as maintaining and developing the ecosystem and community, developing new features and tools to increase decentralization, keeping track of the project’s finances, marketing, and sales efforts, etc.

You can check tomi’s website and Twitter for the latest news.

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