Will Ethereum Take a Dip Amid the Rising FUD? Here’s what Experts are Saying

Will Ethereum Take a Dip Amid the Rising FUD? Here’s what Experts are Saying

On January 20, the price of Ethereum recovered above $1,600, wiping out its losses from the collapse of the FTX exchange. However, after reaching a recent high of $1,638, the price crashed to $1,527. The large profit-taking transaction ratio increased on January 20 according to experts at Santiment.

The FUD around ETH, according to analysts at Santiment, may in the medium term feed a bullish narrative for the asset. 21% of conversations on social media sites involved currency. 

They saw a sharp increase in the ratio of transactions for profit-taking. The social dominance of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization also increased at the same time. Data from Whale Alert indicates that a whale today dumped 24,768 ETH worth $38 million into the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Over the previous three days, whales moved ETH worth around $200 million to liquidity pools and crypto exchanges.

What’s Next for Ethereum?

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted a further decline in the price of Ethereum to around $1,450. The critical support level of $1,550, according to him, may see some rebounding in the price of Ethereum, but the real bounce for another rally will only come from below that level.

He wrote on twitter, “Some slow grind upwards and then one more sweep in the coming days and the correction should be over and we’ll continue the party.”

Rekt Capital wrote, “$ETH is dipping in an effort to retest the black diagonal multi-month downtrend as support. The diagonal needs to hold firmly however as there is a danger of this Monthly Candle ending up as an upside FOMO wick beyond resistance.”

However, the price of ETH will continue to be under pressure until the U.S. Federal Reserve’s rate hike decision on February 1 and until the release of the fourth-quarter GDP statistics on Thursday. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,548 and has lost more than five percent in the last 24 hours.

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