The Mounts NFTs Are Coming to Seedify

The Mounts NFTs Are Coming to Seedify

Mounts NFTs on Seedify

Seedify is a blockchain gaming launchpad. They just completed a vested airdrop round of their SNFTS token. Now it’s time to release their first NFT collection into their metaverse. These are the Mounts NFTs. This is part of The Grand Switch.

So, we dive deeper into the first NFT collection for Seedify, the Mounts.

What Is Seedify?

Seedify is a launchpad for blockchain games. They are also a DAO. So, they allow you to invest in blockchain games, NFTs, and the metaverse. They also have their own token, SFUND. However, recently, they also launched another token, SNFTS. This token allows you access to all the perks in the Seedify NFT space. For example,

  • 50% discount on fees in their NFT marketplace
  • Stake and farm SNFTS for passive income
  • Have a higher chance for NFT airdrops
  • Better chance of getting into Seedify INO (Initial NFT offering) launchpad 

Now, Seedify is about to launch its first NFT collection, the Mounts. So, let’s have a look at this.

The Mounts

The Mounts are the genesis vehicles of the Metaverse. Their metaverse is the Seedworld. They were originally planned as a collection of 20,000. Their price is 40,000 SNFTS, currently around $116. However, in their liquidity pools, there are only 550 million SNFTS (instead of the 800 million they would have needed). So, the team decided to cut down the collection size to 10,000.

The Mounts’ collection will go on sale come 13th February. Initially, they scheduled this for 26th January. Now this gives the team more opportunity to get activities underway before the launch. Keep your eyes peeled on their social media channels. Here you will find updates on the activities and the launch.

The SNFTS token is a deflationary token. This is once more proven by burning all SNFTS proceeds of this launch. In other words, the team will burn the 400 million SNFTS from the sales.

So, with the upcoming INO, it’s time to look at the actual collection.  The Mounts are carriers, so they have pockets for carrying goods. There are three different machines. Here are the details.

  • Deathrunner
  • Skyrider
  • Bloodmother

The Amé powers them. This is the life force of their metaverse. It offers two features, so, it is a,

  1. Virtual currency that runs their economy
  2. Resource for magic and alchemy

Amé is scarce and the only way to get it is by burning SNFTS. So, when users need new Amé, they deploy the Great Switch. This infuses SNFTS into Amé. As a result, this burns SNFTS. For a deep dive into Amé, it’s best to read up on this Seedify blog.

Open the following Tweet to see a video of all 3 Mounts.

Collecting and Assembling Your Mounts

The Mounts are Web3 collectibles. As a Seedworld player, you get a free blueprint for your Mount. Now you must collect parts and start assembling. Each time you add a part, the metadata updates, and the image changes. It’s also possible to sell your blueprint version of an assembled Mount. However, if you want to craft a Mount, you need the blueprint NFT. But you can trade and sell them on the marketplace.

The more parts you assemble, the more cargo space a Mount will have. Their movement type can change, for example, some Mounts can fly. So, let’s have a closer look at the three Mounts.


She’s either 4-, 6-, or 8- legged. They are the rarest among the Mounts. They also offer the most storage. The more legs, the bigger they are and the more cargo they can handle.

  • There is a 15% allocation for 4-legged Bloodmothers, and they are Epic.
  • For the 6-legged version, the allocation is 4% and they are Legendary.
  • The 8-legged version is Mythic and there’s only 1% of them.

Seedify Bloodmother

Seedify Bloodmother

Source: Seedify blog


They have a water tank and can fly. They are Rare and have an allocation of 30%.

Seedify Skyrider

Seedify Blog


These are the workhorses, fast and small. They are Common and see an allocation of 50%.

Seedify Deathrunner

Seedify Blog
How to Enter the INO

To enter the INO for the Mounts, you need to either stake or farm SFUND or SNFTS. This allows you to get raffle tickets.

  • To get a raffle ticket, each 250 SFUND or 10,000 SNFTS, gets you a ticket.
  • Share the raffle. Details will appear on social media.
  • Once the sales day arrives, winners of a whitelist can see it on the launchpad dashboard or in Telegram.
  • A whitelist spot guarantees a buy for 40,000 SNFTS.
  • There’s a max of 2 whitelist spots per person.

There’s also a second round, for all those who didn’t make it into the whitelist first round. This comes in the form of an auto-lottery. The lottery will select 4x the number of spots for the unsold Mounts. This is an FCFS (first come, first served).

The Mounts mint randomly, so you don’t know which one you will get. After the sale, you can buy a preferred Mount on secondary markets.


We showed you all the details of the Mounts coming to Seedify. This will happen with an INO or Initial NFT Offering. The Mounts come in three different variations. They also differ in rarity. So, the rarer a Mount is, the less allocation of that Mount there will be.
See how you can enter the INO, coming up on 13th February 2023.

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