Animoka partners with virtual Youtuber business Brave group to strengthen global expansion with Metaverse

Animoka partners with virtual Youtuber business Brave group to strengthen global expansion with Metaverse

Brave group partners with Animoca Brands

Brave Group Co., Ltd., which handles the virtual Youtuber business, announced on the 25th that it has formed a capital and business alliance with Animoca Brands Co., Ltd.

Brave group also raised 300 million yen from Animoca Brands for the purpose of business expansion and acceleration of global development in the metaverse area. With this procurement, Brave group’s cumulative procurement amount is 3.04 billion yen.

Brave group is a company established in Japan in 2017 by Keito Noguchi, a serial entrepreneur, with a focus on the Metaverse area. In addition to the IP business that operates the virtual music production “RIOT MUSIC” and the next-generation Virtual eSports project “Buispop!”, the platform business that utilizes its own metaverse engine “Brave Engine”.

Animoca Brands KK is a strategic subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Web3 company Animoca Brands for the Japanese market. Established in October 2009 for the purpose of supporting Web3 development of Japanese content (IP) holders.

Through a capital and business alliance with Animoca Brands KK, the Brave group aims to strengthen Web3’s efforts and accelerate the expansion and global development of each business in the metaverse area, including IP.

Kyoya Okazawa, co-founder of Animoca Brands KK, said:

The reason why Animoca Brands Co., Ltd. was established is to support the expansion of Japan’s proud IP into the world. This time, I was blessed with the opportunity to agree with the vision of the Brave group and make an investment.

In the future, we will work closely with the Brave group on the Web3 strategy, and support the company’s global strategy in cooperation with the Animoca Brands group. Animoca Brands Co., Ltd. will continue to explore various investment opportunities, work hard to build Web3 in Japan, and strive to discover powerful IP. Meeting an aspiring company like Brave group has given me a lot of courage when considering future business and investment opportunities in Japan. With the slogan of “Bringing Japanese IP to the world!”

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Strengthen global expansion and Web3 utilization

Animoca Brands KK’s parent company, Animoca Brands, has invested in various fields such as blockchain games, metaverse, DeFi, and virtual currency wallets around the world, and has built its own Web3 ecosystem.

Noguchi, CEO of Brave group, said the following about the capital alliance with Animoca Brands.

This time, we had a valuable relationship and decided to start a capital and business alliance with Animoca Brands. With the mission of “Breaking 8 Billion Hearts”, we would like to further focus on the global development of each business centered on IP and the use of Web3 in order to aim for a global company that develops worldwide. .

Under such circumstances, we are extremely honored to have the opportunity to partner with Animoca Brands, the world’s leading Web3 company.

Brave group specializes in creating IP such as virtual artists from scratch, and has made achievements despite being a latecomer. Through this partnership, we would like to accelerate the global expansion of our IP and other businesses within the Web 3.0 ecosystem while forming a strong tag with Animoca Brands.

In recent years, the Brave group has been focusing on global expansion of each business centered on its own IP, and has strengthened partner alliances. It has business alliances with “MyAnimeList”, which operates the world’s largest anime community, and “Billboard Indonesia”, the Indonesian version of “Billboard”.

Brave group distributed NFTs (non-fungible tokens) using “sound” at the real and online simultaneous live “Re:Volt2022” hosted by RIOT MUSIC in March 2022. We are quickly working on content appeal in the upcoming Web3 era.

What is Web3

The current centralized web is defined as Web 2.0, and refers to an attempt to realize a non-centralized network using blockchain. A typical feature is the use case of decentralized networks such as blockchain, such as access to dApps using virtual currency wallets.

▶️Cryptocurrency Glossary

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GM Radio 2nd Archive

Special guests this time are Yat Siu, chairman of Animoka Brands, a major Web3 (decentralized web) company, and Benjamine Charbit of Darewise Entertainment. He talks about the current challenges of Web3 games and NFTs, Darewise’s first title “Life Beyond”, and the outlook for the industry.

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Written by: Kurt Ebenzer


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