APE, STEPN and KSM Surges to Almost 60%, Is 200x Price Surge Nearing?

APE, STEPN and KSM Surges to Almost 60%, Is 200x Price Surge Nearing?
  • STEPN (GMT) records a 7-day boost of almost +60%.
  • STEPN, ApeCoin, Audius, Symbol and Kusama are the top crypto assets in the past seven days.
  • Mega bull cycle to stretch within 2022.

The global economy continues to experience market pressure due to the recent events in the world. The ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the Corona pandemic are some of the factors to consider this market breakout. As a result, this stress that the financial market has been suffering is felt across the world, including in the crypto industry.


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Despite the decline that the crypto space has been experiencing, there are still some potential crypto assets that boost their market position. Interestingly, crypto assets such as STEPN (GMT), ApeCoin (APE), Audius (AUDIO), Symbol (XYM) and Kusama (KSM) are some of the cryptos that are aggressively surging their position in spite of the bearish market.

In detail, STEPN (GMT), which ranks 54th in the market, aggressively recorded a 7-day boost of almost +60%. It is followed by the hot crypto ApeCoin (APE) with more than a +27% growth rate in the past seven days. Furthermore, ñAudius (AUDIO), Symbol (XYM), and Kusama (KSM) are also trending with each of them having a high growth rate of more than +19%. Indeed, this is an aggressive performance that can attract investors globally.

If these cryptos mentioned above keep their market position, there is a big chance that these digital assets may surge beyond expectations. To be specific, these assets may have the potential to skyrocket from more than +100% to +200% in the remaining months of the year.

In the last quarter of 2021, Lark Davis, crypto enthusiast and analyst, tweeted that the space would stretch this 2022:

The tweet that Lark posted discussed the reason why he believed that the market would go well this year. “Final thoughts, although the mega bull cycle will likely “end” in 2022. I also think that the next bear will be fundamentally different. Still though, make hay while the sun shines, and enjoy many more months of good market conditions. Don’t forget to take some profits along the way,” he said.

Regardless, it is up to the investors to pick what kind of crypto suits their risk appetite. However, it is recommended to study cryptocurrency first prior to investing to avoid losses that cannot be recovered. So, is this the right time to invest or not?

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