Decentralized SNS “Damus” supported by Mr. Dorsey, removed from the Chinese App Store as soon as possible | coindesk JAPAN

Decentralized SNS “Damus” supported by Mr. Dorsey, removed from the Chinese App Store as soon as possible | coindesk JAPAN

Damus, a Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative that integrates Bitcoin’s Lightning network, has been removed from Apple’s Chinese App Store, according to Damus’ tweet. became clear.

Apple, which received a notice from China’s Cyberspace Administration (CAC), said the app is an “information service with the potential to shape public opinion or social mobilization,” so it “contains content deemed illegal in China.” including.”

Damus operates on the open protocol “Nostr”, which aims to build a censorship-resistant global SNS. Former Twitter CEO Dorsey donated 14 BTC (worth about $245,000 at the time) to help develop Nostr.

Damus’ decentralized nature means there is no content moderation, making it difficult to get on Apple’s global App Store. Damus tweeted that Apple has repeatedly rejected registrations because it requires apps to flag offensive content and block bad users.

In China, an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license is required for any online platform listed on an online marketplace or accessible to domestic users.

In the system, ICP licensee operators “oppose the basic principles stipulated in China’s constitution and damage the honor and interests of the nation” and “spread rumors, disturb social order and undermine social stability.” ” The publication of such content is prohibited.

The inclusion of support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network may also be one of the reasons the authorities do not view the project favorably, as cryptocurrencies are banned inside China.

In addition, ICP licensees are obliged to retain the real names and IP addresses of people who post or create content and provide them to authorities upon request.

In addition, China prohibits the entry of foreign capital into Internet news information services.

Will this change anything?

Despite China’s Great Firewall, the widespread use of virtual private network (VPN) services has left hundreds of thousands of people living in China with no access to Facebook or Instagram. , active on Western social media platforms such as Twitter.

A member of the China-based crypto community told CoinDesk that the ban won’t have much of an impact because many Chinese use VPNs and set their smartphone’s App Store to the US or Hong Kong. Says.

Part of Damus’ popularity, one person said, includes speculation that early users, especially those who have used referral codes to sign up many new users, will get a sort of airdrop.

“The Damus ban will not have much effect, after all, although cryptocurrencies are technically banned in China, they are still popular,” the person said.

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