Elon announces introduction of Twitter’s revenue share

Elon announces introduction of Twitter’s revenue share

Ad revenue sharing

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, announced on the 4th that it will start sharing advertising revenue for paid users “today”.

Distribution of advertising revenue is only for users who subscribe to the “Twitter Blue” plan. You will receive a portion of the revenue from the ads that appear in your responses.

Details on how to use the new features have not been made public. At the time of writing, there is no announcement of an advertising revenue sharing program on Twitter’s official account, support page, or account for creators.

A subscription to Twitter Blue costs $11 a month for Google Android and Apple iOS users. For web users, the monthly fee is $8 (980 yen) and the annual plan is $84 (10,280 yen). There is a lot of interest in how many impressions it takes to pay for those costs in ad revenue.

In January, the overseas media The Information reported that a client of GroupM, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, cut its advertising budget for Twitter by 40-50% after its acquisition by Mr. Musk at the end of October 2022.

In addition, there is an opinion that the advertisement display in the reply may induce spam, and the client side is disgusted. Alex Buck, a media expert, said:

Many brands and agencies tend to avoid replying or appearing in search results out of fear of brand damage.

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Monetization methods for creators

Mr. Musk previously mentioned the renewal plan of Twitter’s monetization function for partners (creators). He said it would allow longer text and video posts on Twitter, offering higher ad revenues for creators than YouTube, which shares 45% of ad revenue.

One of the perks of Twitter Blue, which launched on December 11th, is the ability to upload longer videos in higher quality. In addition, there are functions such as adding a blue (authentication) check mark to the account, editing tweets after posting, and customizing.

Also on December 23, we introduced the “View Counts” function that allows you to check how many times each tweet has been displayed.

So far, monetization methods available on Twitter include “Tips”, which adds a link to a third-party payment service in the profile section, and “Super Follow (regional only)”, which provides content for enthusiastic fans. , there was a ticket system space.

Twitter is also believed to be working towards introducing a payment function. According to what the Financial Times reported on January 31, based on multiple sources, the settlement function will first support fiat currencies, and then add cryptocurrency (virtual currency) functions. .

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Earlier in January, images of Twitter’s supposed development of its own currency, “Coin,” were leaked but never confirmed. It is also unclear whether it is a crypto asset (virtual currency).

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Written by: Kurt Ebenzer


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