“GM Radio” Next time, Mysten Labs, developer of Diem’s ​​L1 “Sui” will participate

“GM Radio” Next time, Mysten Labs, developer of Diem’s ​​L1 “Sui” will participate

13th GM Radio held

CoinPost Global, a new global version of CoinPost, delivered the 12th “GM Radio” on the 9th, inviting Mr. Mousser Rahmouni, head of marketing and sales at Striga, as a guest, to talk about “crypto assets (virtual currency) banks. We conducted an interview on the subject of “Infrastructure and Regulation”.

About 120 people watched in real time at the time of distribution. You can listen to the archive via the link in the tweet below.

Guest introduction

The 13th GM Radio will be streamed on March 17th (Friday) from 12:00 on the Twitter space of “CP_Global”. This time we invite Evan Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs, as our guest.

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Mysten Labs is a company that leads the development of Diem (formerly Libra) L1 blockchain “Sui”. Diem is a cryptocurrency project led by Meta (formerly Facebook). Mysten Labs was founded by members from Meta.

Cheng worked at Apple for over 10 years before working at Meta. He is a senior manager in several technology departments at Apple. In this interview, he will also ask why he started working in the cryptocurrency industry.

Last September, Mysten Labs announced that it had raised $300 million in Series B funding. Investors included a16z, Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Circle Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sino Global, Jump Crypto, Dentsu Ventures, and US asset management giant Franklin Templeton.

With this funding, Mysten Labs will be valued at over $2 billion (approximately ¥270 billion at current rates). Investors will acquire equity in Mysten Labs and tokens on the Sui blockchain.

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Features of Sui Blockchain

Mysten Labs was founded by members from Meta, so Sui and Diem have something in common. Sui’s programming language, Sui Move, for example, is an improved version of Diem’s ​​Move.

The name Sui comes from the Japanese word for water. Like fluid and flexible water, Sui aims to provide a flexible network for building the world of Web3.

Blockchain is designed to deliver Web3 experiences to the next billion users. Its main feature is its high processing power, such as dividing transactions into two types and performing parallel processing.

The network’s native token is “SUI”, which is used for gas payments, in-app assets, staking and governance.

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Sui’s blockchain has not yet launched its mainnet.Currently, development is continuing on the testnet, and on the 2ndTweetIt states that it plans to launch its mainnet in 2023.

The title of this year’s GM Radio is “Next Generation L1 Blockchain”. We will ask Cheng about his experience with Diem, how it differs from other Diem projects, tokenomics and regulations.

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Limited NFT distribution to viewers

We will distribute “NFT” limited to participants to everyone who watched GM Radio’s live streaming on the official Twitter Spaces. Please refer to the following for how to receive it.

In the future, we are planning campaigns only for those who have collected multiple limited NFTs. It will be distributed free of charge to all participants, not on a first-come, first-served basis. Please take this opportunity.

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Written by: Kurt Ebenzer


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