Investment Company Nomura to Build a Digital Asset Unit
Investment Company Nomura to Build a Digital Asset Unit

The Japanese banking company will be shifting its Future Innovation unit’s operations towards crypto-based technologies.

Ever since digital assets became a profitable market, large corporations started creating their own tokens and NFTs to target investors and digital art collectors.

Based on the official report by Nomura Holdings, its “Future Innovation Company” will be rebranded to “Digital Company” in order to pursue new business opportunities in the form of blockchain technologies.

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While the “Future Innovation” unit was used to develop innovative digital technologies, Nomura will fully shift its operations towards creating cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and security tokens, alongside technologies such as distributed ledgers.

With this move, the investment company will seek to “expand its private markets businesses and broaden its services in focus areas including sustainability and decarbonization.”

CEO and President of Nomura Holdings Kentaro Okuda spoke on the company’s decision to reform its digital innovation unit, stating:

“Digital technology is a critical part of our strategic drive to expand our operations in private markets. The new Digital Company will lead deeper collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, accelerate our uptake of digital technologies, and enhance our client services.”

With a value of almost $432B in total assets over the past year, the global banking company Nomura may potentially become one of the largest investors into blockchain technologies from the Asian region, alongside Animoca Brands.

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