Investment Firm VanEck Applies for a Crypto Mining-backed ETF with the SEC
Investment Firm VanEck Applies for a Crypto Mining-backed ETF with the SEC

The global investment management company has filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an ETF to track companies that engage in crypto mining operations.

Based on a recent filing issued on the SEC website, VanEck has submitted an application to track the global digital asset mining index. Alongside the crypto ETF, the investment company will also be tracking gold mining firms.

At the moment, VanEck has approximately $63 billion assets under management through exchange-traded funds.

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With the new crypto and gold mining ETFs, the investment firm will be tracking cryptocurrency and gold mining indexes without directly investing in the actual assets.

While VanEck had its proposition for a crypto ETF denied by the SEC back in 2021, the application for a new exchange-traded fund is presumably related to the executive order on crypto regulations which is expected to be signed by the US president sometime this week. 

Likewise, back in December of 2021, VanEck issued a strategy proposal to the SEC on investing in Bitcoin, exchange-traded products, or ETPs, and future contracts.

Earlier in February, the largest cryptocurrency management company in South America QR Asset launched its own ETF that tracks Brazil’s stock exchange, with shares sold for as low as $2.

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