Looter-Shooter NFT Game Lead Traditional Gaming to P2E

Looter-Shooter NFT Game Lead Traditional Gaming to P2E
  • Time Raiders is a new looter-shooter NFT game that focuses on engaging gameplay mechanics.
  • The game is developed by Utopian Game Labs in partnership with Alphabit Fund.
  • The developers shared the timeline for the rest of 2022.

Looking for a fresh concept in the gaming NFT space?

NFT gaming is saturated with plenty of gamified token economy clones. These are games where the core mechanics include the buying and selling of land, as well as creating your own economy in a metaverse. It has gotten to the point where a number of these games may feel identical, if not for their difference in art style and assets.

Enter Time Raiders: a fast-paced looter-shooter NFT game developed by Utopian Game Labs in partnership with Alphabit Fund. The game takes the players – known as time raiders – to fight enemies to collect loot and resources. These loots can then be crafted into new items, sold for funds, or used as ingredients to upgrade the player’s weapons.

All items collected in the game are NFTs, which players can trade for Xpendium (XPND), Time Raiders’ native in-game utility token. The game defines the value of these NFTs by their rarity and in-game utility. Some NFTs unlock secret levels and skins, while others provide in-game buffs.

Utopian Game Labs’ CEO Anthony Charlton claims Time Raiders will be the first crypto game developed as a compelling game experience first, instead of another gamified token economy. Charlton aims to reach across several markets by appealing to both the P2E gaming space and the traditional gaming space.

Meanwhile, Utopian Game Labs Studio Head Simon Bailey teases the future of the game and expresses their thrill towards it.

Following the beta-launch at the end of March, we will release new compelling levels every month, presented as a treasure hunt, and will lead to a frenetic chase across different eras in time. We are making sure there is some serious fun for each and every gamer! Our growing community is particularly enthusiastic at the prospect of creating their own valuable content and we cannot wait to put the power of level ownership and creation into the hands of the players!

Time Raiders presents gamers with an effective concept from traditional gaming. Looter-shooters such as Borderlands, Destiny, or Warframe have proven to sell gangbusters because of their immersive gameplay loop. Utopian Game Labs shows that NFT games have the potential to be game-centered as well.

The future plans of Time Raiders include:

  • End of April 2022: Open Beta Game Launch
  • Early Q2l 2022: NFT Pre-Sale
  • Q2 2022: Game Release
  • Q2 2022: 3rd Party NFT releases for Player “NFT Hunts”
  • Q3 2022: Multiplayer (Co-op and PvE) Beta test and public release

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