Pokemon’s Overseas Division Recruiting Web3 Human Resources Looking for Blockchain and NFT Knowledge

Pokemon’s Overseas Division Recruiting Web3 Human Resources Looking for Blockchain and NFT Knowledge

Recruiting Web3 Human Resources

Pokemon Company International (hereinafter referred to as Pokemon Company), the overseas division of Pokemon Co., Ltd., which operates businesses such as games and licensing, is looking for human resources related to Web3.

The role is related to corporate management and innovation, and the recruited personnel are required to have deep knowledge of blockchain, NFT (non-fungible token), and metaverse. It also sought to have deep connections with investors and entrepreneurs in these technologies. The job was posted five days ago, according to business social network LinkedIn.

What is Web3

Also known as the “Next Generation Internet,” it refers to a decentralized network based on blockchain. Specifically, it includes NFT and virtual currency.

The early Internet, in which the flow of information was one-way, is called “Web1,” and the current centralized Internet is called “Web2.”

▶️Cryptocurrency Glossary

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The “Pokemon” in the company name is an abbreviation for “Pocket Monster”, and also refers to characters that appear in games. The corporate philosophy of The Pokémon Company is to enrich both the real world and the virtual world through the existence of Pokémon. The corporate group’s vision is to “connect the world with Pokemon.” With this job offer, the Pokémon Company is attracting attention as it may start a Web3 business.

The job posting describes the job that the new person will be in charge of, including the following words:

  • Providing the world with new Pokémon experiences and products
  • Collaborate with partners with proprietary technology to support new ideas
  • Build a platform for testing the feasibility of new ideas
  • Collaborate with insiders in finance, technology, legal, etc.

By leading the above operations, we expect the newly hired person to grow the Pokemon Company. The details of the plan, such as whether to sell Pokemon NFTs or develop a blockchain game, are unclear, but it is expected to test these new possibilities.

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Pokemon and Web3

The Pokémon Company was established in April 1998. Pokemon Center Co., Ltd., the company’s predecessor and responsible for store management, was established through joint investment by Nintendo Co., Ltd., the original copyright holder of Pokemon, Creatures Co., Ltd., and Game Freak Co., Ltd.

In October 2000, the company name was changed to The Pokémon Company. We are expanding the area we are working on to general brand management of Pokemon.

It is said that the company itself has not provided a Web3 service so far, but “Niantic” and others involved in the development of “Pokemon GO” will launch a crypto asset (virtual currency) Bitcoin (BTC) and rewards in 2021. Launched a beta version of an AR (virtual reality) game where you can earn It is believed that the Pokémon Company and Nintendo were not involved in this case either.

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Written by: Kurt Ebenzer


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