Ukraine’s NFT Flag Sells for $6.75M in Crypto, Proceedings Ready to be Donated
Ukraine’s NFT Flag Sells for .75M in Crypto, Proceedings Ready to be Donated

The UkraineDAO fundraising campaign has reached over 2258 ETH by selling a non-fungible token with the Ukrainian flag.

With the war in Ukraine reaching severe casualties, people from all over the world are looking for ways to support the country, with numerous supporters choosing to donate cryptocurrencies.

According to a Twitter post by UkraineDAO, which led a fundraising campaign with the Ukrainian flag as an NFT, it raised $6.75 million worth of donations in digital assets. The funds will be sent to the Come Back Alive organization that brings supplies to the civilians and soldiers of Ukraine.

The fundraiser was run on a group NFT bidding platform called Partybid which, after the fundraiser is finished, awards contributors with ERC-20 tokens that represent fractional ownership of the NFT. 

In the case of the UkraineDAO, 3271 contributors donated to the cause, raising 2258.11 ETH. The supporters will be receiving $LOVE tokens which prove that they have donated to the cause.

In fact, the creators behind the UkraineDAO campaign are the Russian protest group Pussy Riot. The members of the group were often arrested and prosecuted by the Russian government due to their opposition against President Vladimir Putin. The project was also supported by NFT platforms such as Trippy Labs, PleasrDAO, CXIP, alongside several humanitarian activists.

Yesterday it was announced that the Ukrainian government managed to raise over $31 million in just a few days after its launch,

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Dom Z. – Crypto Analyst, BitDegree

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