Web3-MI Develops CryptoVillages for Enhanced Crypto Gaming Experience

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Web3-MI Develops CryptoVillages for Enhanced Crypto Gaming Experience

Web3 Metaverse Innovations Pty Ltd, or Web3-MI, an Australian-based crypto consultancy group, is at the forefront of creating CryptoVillages, a play-to-earn game, to boost the gaming experience.

As a leading development firm in the GameFi ecosystem, Web3-MI seeks to enhance the penetration of more users into the crypto gaming space. As a result, CryptoVillages will offer gaming in a family-friendly and safe environment. 


Per the announcement:

“Web3-MI understands that nefarious characters and poor-quality products have created a sense of distrust in the space and promote responsible investing and honesty above all else.”

By creating innovative designs that fascinate and excite, CryptoVillages will combine click-to-earn elements with multiplayer-online gaming options, including Player vs. Environment (PvE), Player vs. Monster (PvM), and Player vs. Player (PvP).


Mitchell Wright, the CEO of Web3-MI, pointed out:

“The early adoption of CryptoVillages has been phenomenal, to say the least. We boast one of the strongest and most united communities, and our members who have invested could not be happier that they have joined us on this journey.”

The gaming space continues to attract new players. For instance, Yeeha Games, a $50 million-funded GameFi platform backed by crypto exchange Bybit, recently entered the Web3 sector to act as the bridge between GameFi and traditional gaming.


Yeeha Games also offers free-to-play games that trigger more penetration to crypto gaming because users are not required to purchase cryptocurrencies


Furthermore, InfiniteWorld, a metaverse, and Web3 infrastructure company acquired Super Bit Machine to enhance the crossover between gaming and blockchain platforms. 


The acquisition was also aimed at offering best-in-class experiences in the metaverse world by incorporating multiplayer and real-time game development abilities.

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