Weekly cryptocurrency news | OpenAI releases “GPT-4”, etc., attracting attention to financial instability in the United States and Europe

Weekly cryptocurrency news | OpenAI releases “GPT-4”, etc., attracting attention to financial instability in the United States and Europe

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We will deliver the news of the week (3/11-3/17) together.

This week, the most headline news was about financial troubles at Swiss financial giant Credit Suisse.

Regarding the crypto asset (virtual currency) market, the report on the 13th, which summarizes the receding of credit anxiety over the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the rebound of stocks such as Bitcoin (BTC), has attracted interest. Collecting.

Another noteworthy article was the closure of Singature Bank.

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This week’s news ranking

1st place: Emergency statement by the Swiss Central Bank in response to Credit Suisse’s management anxiety (3/16)

The Swiss National Bank (SNB = central bank) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) issued a joint statement on the 15th, expressing support for Credit Suisse, which is worried about its management. We tried to calm the market sentiment. (the article ishere)

2nd place: US OpenAI releases AI language model “GPT-4”, virtual currency AI-related stocks are all high (3/15)

On March 14, US OpenAI announced the latest AI language model product “GPT-4”. GPT-4 is supposed to be more reliable, more creative, and capable of handling more nuanced instructions than GPT-3.5, which was released on November 30, 2022. (the article ishere)

3rd place: Ethereum “Shanghai”, Mainnet implementation date decided (3/17)

Ethereum (ETH) core developers have set a date for the next major upgrade, Shapella. It will be held on April 12 (around 19:30) at epoch number 620,9536. (the article ishere)

Market news ranking

1st place: Rebound of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, recession of “credit anxiety” over Silicon Valley banks (3/13)

The cryptocurrency market rebounded, with the Bitcoin price rising 8.79% from the previous day to $22,330. Credit concerns over the Silicon Valley bank failure have receded. (the article ishere)

2nd place: Bitcoin returns to the $24,500 level due to a sharp rise, and it is predicted that “interest rate will be stopped” due to the bankruptcy of a major bank (3/14)

Bitcoin has bounced back to close to its mid-February high of $25,256. Rising factors include receding concerns about the financial crisis risk from the Silicon Valley bank failure and USDC collapse risk, and positive news for Binance. (the article ishere)

3rd place: Credit Suisse Market price down due to management anxiety, 3 reasons for Bitcoin’s rapid dominance (3/16)

In the United States, a series of bankruptcies such as Silicon Valley Bank and financial concerns over Credit Suisse reignited, and the market fell across the board. As the market fluctuates, “dominance,” which indicates the market share of Bitcoin, is rising. (the article ishere)

Virtual Currency/Blockchain Industry News

U.S. Signature Bank Closes, Impact on Cryptocurrency Industry Due to Successive Bank Failures (3/13)

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) announced today that it has closed Signature Bank to protect depositors. It appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as its trustee. (the article ishere)

Business tie-up with Takafumi Horie’s cheap SIM “HORIE MOBILE”, a token-listed financier at IEO (3/16)

Financier Co., Ltd., which issues Financier Token (FNCT), announced on the 16th that it has agreed to a service collaboration with HORIE MOBILE, a cheap SIM mobile phone brand handled by Takafumi Horie (Horiemon), the founder of Livedoor. (the article ishere)

Interest in Tokenized Diamonds Increases Amid US Bank Problems (3/17)

Over the weekend, trading volumes for tokenized diamonds surged 300%, it was revealed today, June 14. This is a case in a private market with a daily trading volume of about $840,000, and there are some uncertainties because past data has not been made public, but it seems that diamonds are being reconsidered as a means of diversified investment. (the article ishere)

IMF warns of cryptocurrency impact on banks: G20 report (3/114)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has addressed the macro-financial impact of cryptocurrencies in a report to G20 countries and warned about the possible impact on banks. The report focuses on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that do not have underlying assets such as Bitcoin. (the article ishere)

Ethereum L2 “Arbitrum”, decentralized operation to implement its own token distribution (3/17)

On the 16th, Ethereum’s L2 “Arbitrum” announced the issuance of its own token “ARB” and the start of operation by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). For ARB tokens, they also announced plans for airdrops (distribution to users). (the article ishere)

U.S. authorities seize 6.2 billion yen worth of bitcoin Closed virtual currency mixer “ChipMixer” (3/16)

European Criminal Police Organization (Europol) announced on the 15th that authorities in Germany and the United States have dismantled the cryptocurrency mixer “ChipMixer”. It explains that it seized 1909.4 BTC (equivalent to 6.2 billion yen) of Bitcoin. (the article ishere)

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Written by: Kurt Ebenzer


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