Doodles unveils Doodles 2 on Flow blockchain

Doodles unveils Doodles 2 on Flow blockchain

In preparation for its next major drop, Doodles is moving its operations to the Flow blockchain.

Doodles made the announcement today that its future larger-scale Doodles 2 project would debut on Flow, the web3 platform that is most known for hosting non-fiction sports initiatives such as the National Football League’s All Day and NBA’s Top Shot.

The sequel, Doodles 2, was unveiled for the first time at an NFT NYC event in June of last year.

It is reported to cover millions of NFTs as opposed to the 10,000 avatars that were included in the initial Doodles series. Despite this, it maintains the pastel and cartoonish look of the first series and the artist who created it, Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin.

Owners of NFTs will have the ability to endlessly personalize their avatars for usage in gaming, social media, and other contexts. Persons who own Doodles 2 NFTs will now be able to modify the looks of their avatars in a variety of ways, including the body, attire, expression, and accessories.

Doodles has said in a press release that it would offer digital wearable things for the NFT avatars “through limited-edition IRL drops related to special events and brand partnerships.” After the items have been released, they will be tradable on the Gaia marketplace that is available on Flow.

New zero gas fees policy forces Doodles 2 out of ethereum

Doodles 2 will debut on a separate blockchain platform from Ethereum because of the customization feature since Ethereum mainnet transactions might incur hefty network gas costs. This was announced by the company at NFT NYC. Some people in the NFT sphere had hypothesized that it might be Solana, while others thought it might be Polygon.

The selection of Flow came as a surprise, and it represents a victory for Dapper Labs, the company that developed Flow.

Doodles will be the pioneer of high-profile NFT projects to build on Ethereum and then shift to Flow, which has experienced declining NFT activity in recent months as a result of its token price falling substantially. This is because Flow’s token price has declined significantly.

In November, in response to the general slump in the NFT industry, Dapper Labs lay off 22% of its employees.

According to the statement that Doodles made in its release earlier today, the introduction of Flow will “signal the beginning of a future of robust cross-interoperability with ethereum.” The introduction of Doodles 2 NFTs will be linked to the already existing Dooplicator NFTs on ethereum. These Dooplicator NFTs were made available for free to holders of Doodles NFTs back in June of last year.

Dapper could also be leaving Ethereum for Flow

It is interesting to note that in 2017, Dapper Labs contributed to the development of the NFT standard for Ethereum, and the company’s project CryptoKitties almost brought the network to a halt as users rushed to the platform to collect and trade virtual cats.

As a consequence of this, Dapper came to the conclusion that it needed its own blockchain platform. The company also said in 2020 that it will connect CryptoKitties from Ethereum to Flow, although this has not yet transpired.

Doodles building big

In September, when it announced a $54 million fundraising, Doodles had a valuation of $704 million at the time. The fundraising was led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six firm, and it included participation from 10T Holdings, Acrew Capital, and the FTX Ventures firm that has since closed its doors.

Doodles made the announcement on Monday that it has acquired the animation company, Golden Wolf. Golden Wolf has worked on projects for a variety of companies, including Disney, Adidas, Adult Swim, Nike, and PlayStation, among others.

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