Digital Artists Raising Funds for Ukraine via NFT Auctions
Digital Artists Raising Funds for Ukraine via NFT Auctions

Several non-fungible token artists, including Dadara, have launched auctions, with raised funds going to Ukrainian charities.

The crisis in Ukraine has grabbed the attention of the most popular NFT artists in the industry, including Dadara, a dutch creator who has recently released digital assets for every single person in the world, amounting to 7.9 billion.

For his next project, he joined Create for Ukraine, which is an NFT collection organized by Vishwas Bhushan of Codmire Games, and two digital artists – Leafswan and MonikaNFT. It includes several peace-themed NFTs, with Dadara’s being at the forefront of the collection.

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His digital asset called Peace Bombs includes military aircraft dropping bombs, spelling out the word PEACE. At the moment of writing, the top bid for the NFT is 0.1991 WETH ($505), with the auction ending in a couple of hours.

According to the tweet, all the proceeds will go to Ukraine’s Red Cross, Unchainfund, and the famous UkraineDAO, which raised $7M for a Ukrainian flag NFT. Likewise, the Ukrainian government decided to reward users with NFTs instead of tokens for their contributions to the crypto fundraiser.

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