Holy Bibles NFT to Raise $60M for War-ridden Nations and Churches
Holy Bibles NFT to Raise M for War-ridden Nations and Churches

The platform will reward supporters with a digital version of the Bible for their contributions to global causes.

Fundraisers with digital assets have become a top choice for those who want to get some sort of token of remembrance for their contributions.

Based on the report by GlobeNewswire, the Holy Bibles NFT project will release its first batch of Bible NFTs in the upcoming weeks. The platform will issue 10 million NFTs that feature the cover of the Bible and will be given to all contributors who donate over $6.

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The raised funds will reportedly be directed towards war-torn places like Ukraine, churches, and scholarships into Christian schools. $10M of the funds will be used to send a selection of kids to study in religious institutions at the beginning of April, and another part will be distributed to churches.

Also, the post highlights that they will be working on a Holy Bibles Church in the metaverse, which will bring people from all over the world to a single holy place where they can pray, talk, and praise God.

This isn’t the first time that holy ceremonies have been promised in the metaverse. In fact, one pastor in the United States launched his own VR Church where he holds masses in the metaverse, mainly for people who are unable to leave their houses.

While the causes for the fundraiser seem quite noble, and if you choose to donate, do it at your own risk as there is a lack of public information on the project and the team behind it.

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