Solana’s NFTs Available on Adobe’s Behance
Solana’s NFTs Available on Adobe’s Behance

Users on Adobe’s creative platform will be able to connect Phantom wallets and display NFTs on their profiles.

NFTs have become a popular way for creators to monetize their art, and owners are looking to showcase their digital assets on several social media platforms.

According to a Twitter post by the VP of Adobe Will Allen, the feature will allow users to connect their Phantom wallets, and showcase Solana NFTs on their Behance profiles.

While some users have raised concerns about transaction fees and energy efficiency on the Ethereum network, Allen claimed that Solana “uses less energy than two google searches” as it is a Proof-of-Stake chain.

The implementation of the Phantom wallet and NFTs was made possible with the help of a Web3 dApp development platform QuickNode, which controls more than half of the nodes used by the Solana blockchain.

Knowing that the Adobe Creative Cloud is used by artists for graphic design, audio production, photography, and so on, this wasn’t the first time that the creative platform partnered with NFT projects.

Back in 2021, Adobe’s VP and former COO of Behance Will Allen brought in several digital asset marketplaces including OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible in an attempt to tackle instances of stolen intellectual property, so artists are properly rewarded for their work.

In fact, earlier in February, the Phantom Wallet, which has been implemented into Adobe’s Behance, raised $109 million in a Series B funding round.

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