The Best NFT Memes of 2022: February

The Best NFT Memes of 2022: February

When it comes to memes, the NFT space does not disappoint. As a community based around blockchain art and internet culture, things can and often do change on a dime. From 48-hour long crypto crashes to celebrities aping into projects at random, there’s always something to talk about in the NFT space.

But when simply talking about cultural happenings doesn’t suffice, you can always count on NFT degenerates to whip up a meme or two to enhance social media discourse. So to shine a light on the unsung heroes of the weird wide world of nonfungibles, we’re bringing you the best NFT memes from every month in 2022.


Ahh, Kevin. This particular meme was born in the wake of the Pixelmon reveal. Pixelmon is a project that made more than $70 million via a dutch auction sale of unrevealed NFTs. The team apparently fast-tracked the reveal even though the art wasn’t fully ready, giving us Kevin.

Vitalik The Bear

Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin was spotted on stage at ETHDenver in quite the getup. Not only did the programmer seemingly wear pajamas onstage, but he appeared in a full-body bear suit at one point. He’s been known to be playful on stage, but as the event took place during a small crypto crash, many immediately saw the meme potential.

The GaryVee Smirk

This fantastic little screenshot came to us by way of an interview Gary Vaynerchuk did with CNBC in early February. During the interview, Vaynerchuk was asked about the “problematic” nature of the crypto and NFT space, to which he gave a chuckle before answering. The screenshot quickly became a popular reaction image among the crypto and NFT communities.


After the CryptoSkulls hype train started, it never stopped. As one of the most popular historic projects currently in circulation, it seems like every other day a different influencer is holding a Twitter Space to talk about the collection. At this point, it’s become difficult to think about anything else.

NFT Roadmaps

Before apeing into a new NFT project, it’s incredibly important to do some research into what the project is all about, who is behind it, and where they plan to take it. Many times, NFT roadmaps are all promises without any actual substance… like a beer that’s all foam.

Prayer Circle

Lately, the NFT space has been riddled with scams and uncertainty. With the world and crypto market both in disarray, many have strapped themselves in for a wild ride over the next few months to a year. If this prayer circle has any chance of working, we’ll happily re-tweet.

ISO IRL Friends

When you’re deep into NFTs, it’s much easier to make friends in the metaverse than it is in real life. Never getting the chance to see your friend’s face or hear their voice isn’t something to be concerned about…right?

Never Stood a Chance

It happens all too often. You think you have a chance at winning an auction, then a whale comes in and shatters your dreams. In this case, the Golden Friend NFT was the one that got away.

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