A Path To Godly Gains With GOD-TIER NFTs:

A Path To Godly Gains With GOD-TIER NFTs:

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NFTs are here to stay. With Fidelity planning an ETF based on the Metaverse, it’s no surprise that retail investors are getting more and more interested in GameFi and Metaverse projects.

Even large institutions are feeling the FOMO.

In popular culture people are used to randomly generated NFTs with a lottery-ticket chance they will get a rare one.

A few minters get the best, but for the rest of us, who wants their NFT to look like it came out of a blender? To solve this problem, PolyGod is introducing their GOD-TIER NFTs.

The GOD-TIER NFTs are aesthetically designed by Yan Kaichen during his studies of Norse Mythology. Yan has worked on large productions such as AquaMan and Monkey King as a concept artist.

His vision has made each of PolyGod’s game pieces visually striking and unique.

Rather than relying on pure chance as most NFT mints do, each GOD-TIER NFT is one of the TOP 10 cards in the game. With a limited supply of 3420 ERC-721 tokens minted on the Polygon blockchain, these GODS give holders the opportunity to earn PolyGod’s in-game token $MYNT at a higher APY and access to top divisions and leagues.

In addition to these benefits, these GODS are lendable for 0 fees in the PolyGod marketplace allowing for passive investors to be rewarded for their support of the PolyGod ecosystem.

PolyGod’s NFTs are stacked with the passive and active utility to reward holders, and also offer what makes so many NFTs a success: the pure wow factor. Each GOD-

TIER NFT has its own augmented reality experience. Holders can indulge themselves with motion and music to show off to anyone, anywhere. Additionally, these NFTs can be named, customized, and viewed on the PolyGod website.

GameFi and the Metaverse may have started as mere buzzwords, but today they have proven themselves to be worthy of institutional investment. The great part about NFTs and GameFi is that its spirit and FEATURES are still decentralized. So for those who are still on the fence about NFTs, this is your sign from the GODS, NFTs are here to stay.

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